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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Day in an FA-18

Not much happening in the contest. Not much movement at all. Finally seoforblogs dropped out of the top on Yahoo. The charity site is number 3,4, or 5 depending on when you look but other domains have broken into the top, like the black hat taggle group. They are only using black hat non Google TOS stuff. So far they are doing good. Since not much is happening I thought I would post a video that I love.

I know the Big Green Guy has special place in his heart for the boys in blue. My brother-in-law is a Marine aviator (I still want a pair of digi's). He is still in training but will hopefully be flying FA-18's off of carriers within a few months. His family is very proud of him and his accomplishments so far. So C.J. this is for you man, good luck. (I finally found an video of an F/A-18)

One more, one heck of an E-Ticket ride.

Friday, January 20, 2006

V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Day 5

Okay its looking up for day 5. The sites have been moving aroaund again and watching-paint-dry is number to in Google Hulk like number 2, not word to and # 1 in Yahoo the v7ndotcom term. My other blog has moved down a lot, but thats neither here noor there. I was getting decent adsense from it though. MSN is showing its usual uselessness by serving up some really pointless sites. Watching-paint-dry is no where in the top 50. What the heck is that about? In fact most of the top 4 in google are not in the top ten at MSN. Yeah MSN is going to rock out on the search stuff. (Anyone notice Bill missed his 2005 deadline for getting rid of spam, but I digress.)

Anyway the .net site is at the top in Google now, though I am not sure why. Its filled with tables and, while not having bad code, it does not have real clean code. I guess it goes to show that at least in the beginning, Google doesn't get everything right. That is assuming you think they get everything right later which is a really fan-boy thought to have in the first place. If you think this I am sure the Hulk will be your Betty Ford councilor and straighten you out. Again I digress.

It does appear that Google is starting to slow down and even out its index. I still expect fluctuations but I think it will be much slower in coming and not occur a couple times a day. Currently there are about 247,000 site indexed. This is a big jump from the last contest, which ended with something around 211,000 sites. I will make a bet with the hulk that we hit 500,000 sites by the end.Hulk says when it passes 500,000 by the end of January, Puny Human Green Guy send him a PR7 link

Oh by the way check out these ads showing when you do the search v7ndotcom elursrebmem. The cat one is incredibly funny. I have no idea why he is spending money but its worth a click to see, trust me.Hulk agree with Puny Human Green Guy - that is pretty funny

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Not Quite as Good a Day

Despite having tons of high power backlinks the Charity site has dropped to 5th in the Google rankings. The sites that have v7ndotcom elursrebmem in their domain name have done really well and 4 of them are at the top of the hit list. This is really no suprise in the initial rankings. Google seems to think that if you use the search term in your domain name you must be about the term. We all know this is not necessarily true and those domains make shake out in the long term. This I think is the quick way for Google to decide what a site is about and what should be at the top. I think after a month or two those rankings will start changing as Google indexes more pages and see's that some sites have more "votes" for them then others.

The other factor could be fresh relevant content. Most of the v7ndotcom elursrebmem sites are static pages which, I think, will hurt them over time.

WebGeurrilla has an interesting article on the back link data here. It really does show that the http://www.watching-paint-dry.com/v7ndotcom-elursrebmem/ site is kicking tail on the backlinks. It seems to be doing better than any other site right now.

Almost done but I do want to point everyone at the press release for the Celiac Charity site. If you want to help out you can try to make sure this release gets the attention it should by tagging it and sending it to any local news agency's you may know.

Lets hope the Hulk comes by and lets us know he is planning on stomping G into elursrebmem submission with some super human pummeling.

11:25 AM - Hulk point out Press Release showed up on Yahoo and lots of other Puny Human Places. Hulk says G doing OK - suspects sandbox filter will hit all those sites. Hulk not have to start SMASHING ... yet

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Charity is Number One

While the Hulk is off stomping MSN, and rightly so, the puny human will step in and make a couple observations while he is gone and not paying attention.

11:40 AM - Puny Human Green Guy make good observations - Hulk say MSN appears to be censoring keyphrase. Results showing if you add 'charity' to search

Overnight a shift came to Google on the v7ndotcom elursrebmem results. The .org site got shifted to number 4 (or 5 if you are counting interior page results). A forum thread over at the search engine journal moved to number 3 and the .net site got pushed down to second. This puts the charity site in number one. Of course as we have seen this can change by tomorrow, but for now the Hulk is in number one. Here is a quick snap of G's v7ndotcom elursrebmem results,

The search engine journal pages do not appear to be entered into the contest though. They are more along the lines of this blog. Simply reporting on the news. So what happens if a non-compliant site ends up in first. I would venture a guess that number two is considered the number 1.

On a side note my other blog gotted bumped out of number one by the charity site on Yahoo (whew).

***************Yahoo is messed up***************
Okay in the time since I typed the above, all of 10 minutes ago. The charity site moved to third in Y and my other blog move back to #1. I am so not understanding whats going on with yahoo. I swear there is monkey in Yahoo's back room beating a bannana on a keyboard.

***********Monkey hit it again***************
Yep its changed again but now I am third not fourth but at least the Chairty site is number one. I am not even going to bother talking about yahoo more than once day from now on. Its kinda pointless. It could be a gorilla...hmmm

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

MSN is NOT indexing ...

Puny Human Green Guy let Hulk post
Hulk see V-E results from Google (32,600) and Yahoo (12,800)
Hulk see NONE from MSN after 3 days.
Hulk will DROP on them to wake them up.

Google is Indexing

Day Three

This morning a suprise happened. Google actually is indexing the keyword. V7ndotcomelursrebmem.net is in number one and our Charity site is number 2. V7ndotcomelursrebmem.org is in third. A quick check of backlinks shows that none have any back links. This is most likely because of google don't show you until we feel like it policy. All appear to have been indexed yestrday. A side by side of the keyword density looks like this: (.net top, charity middle, .org bottom)

This shows me that even though the V7ndotcom elursrebmem charity has less keywords on page and is following a white hat best practice of the amount of keywords on a page it still is ranking well. Most likely because of incoming links we are not seeing yet.

A quick look at Yahoo and MSN shows that the .net site has 8 backlinks in MSN and 2 in Yahoo. The Celiac Disease charity site is showing 2 back links in MSN and 25 in Yahoo. Last but not least the .org site has 2 in yahoo showing nothing in MSN. It looks to me like so far the Charity site is ahead in links even though I know 1 of those links in Yahoo is a nofollow. I am proud to say that my sister blog, www.seoforblogs.blogspot.com is giving the charity site 2 indexed back links from Yahoo (which should turn into Google backlinks, it shows up everywhere else.)

Now I want to venture a guess what pushed google to index these sites. I think everyone who bought an adwords placement for the keywords helped. Google can't really call itself ethical and only show ads. At first most of the results were from the Google Base. Which tells me that after people bought the ads Google scrambled to find something, anything, to display. The easiest place was its own database. After they got some lstings up it was only a matter of time until the found truly unique websites. (Insert Sarcasm) It only took 2 days for Google to get on the ball with it.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Another Tracking Blog

Jim Westergren is tracking the elursrebmem contest on his blog also. If you want to see the history behind this particular contest take a look. He even covers the interplay between John Scott at V7 and WebGuerrilla. Good quick read, course it could get real long at the end of this.

So far in the Elursrebmem Contest

Google as to this point has 10 indexed pages for our term (V7ndotcom Elursrebmem). We are not one of them yet but will be shortly (I hope). We are pointing links like mad at the page and hope others will here about the charity and do the same. So far the top place is going to a forum thread. Really no suprise there. We have managed to get top billing at Yahoo already though. MSN still has yet to index any pages. Yeah I think MSN is going to rock. They so have their head in the game when it comes to search. Way to go Bill! Day two and we are doing good so far, even though high rankings in Yahoo does nothing for Google. The one that suprises me is coming form Harley Reviews. I think it was just there time to get indexed and thats why they are up there. Plenty of other sites have much better PR pushing at better optimized pages. We will see though. We have 4 months to sort it out. Feel free to comment or ask questions about the contest.

In the 30 minutes since my last post a blog post has pushed the forum out of first. Changing by the minute.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

V7ndotcom Elursrebmem

What is v7ndotcom elursrebmem? Its a wonderful word that means that many people who are into SEO are competing against one another for top billing in Google. The link on the page to the page that is in the competition is a vote for charity though. Most are competting to get the money for personal reasons. The group I am helping out is doing it all for charity. While we may not win the v7ndotcom elursrebmem contest we certainly will make a good showing. We plan to help out in any way possible. A link to this site or too the site in the link will of course help children. Of course we will all take pride in the accomplishment but we truly want to help all those kids out there with Celiac Disease. The hospital that is leading the research in this disease is already on board. Click on the above link to get you taken to the site that has a link to the hospital for verification. Please link to the above site using the link text v7ndotcom elursrebmem to help us win which helps children all over the world with this horrible disease. We thank you for the help