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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Watch paint dry - Live!

Watch paint dry - Live!
The home page for the contest page has been dugg. If you want to help out just click the link above and it will take you there. Click on "Digg It" and its a vote for the charity site. There is nothing else for you to do. How easy could it be to help a charity. If you don't belong to digg.com its easy and they don't send you any emails after you join. Oh and the reason to digg it, cause you can control the stuff in webcam. Plus the site owner, Hulks little buddy, has put some beer out for us.

There are other places to help also on Digg like the v7ndotcom images page, the google bowling page, and of course the main elursrebmem page. Youc an help by digging every one of them or any one of them. Thanks for the help.

The V7ndotcom Hat

In my random surfing and looking at other contest pages to see what works I came across Jim's v7ndotcom elursrebmem page. While the page itslef is not doing real good, sitting just over 100th position, it contains something that is just worth mentioning. It is the v7ndotcom elursrebmem hat. The hat is just some pretty good fun. It has the v7ndotcom phrase in Google colors with the "feeling lucky" button on it. Its "trucker style" meaning the mesh back with the white front. I have bought two, one for me and one for the hulk.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Xbox The choice of all Elursrebmem Generation

So there I was thinking today that if you have not played the 360 there is one more reason why you might want to. See if you are a cool Xbox 360 Elursrebmem then you can have nifty gun fights like from the video below. I know I enjoy it when a finger gun war breaks out at work. Of course the hulk always wins cause if you don't die when he says he shot you he gets really mad.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Flattered, Really

Apparently a site http://v7ndotcom-elursrebmem. nichedynamics.com/ thinks enough of our content to scrape the site. It is flattering to think that what I write is worth being used on another site. So in hopes of getting a link back I will post my own URL. V7ndotcom elursebmem. Thanks to everyone who is supporting the Celiac Charity site the more links we can get the better. To make it easier there is easy to copy link html over on the v7ndotcom charity site. Remember if you put the link up on a PR5 page or higher you are entered into the drawing for the i-pod as a thank you for supporting the site and research into the disease.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Take a V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Break

One of my favorite videos of all time. Chrisotpher Walkin dancing to "Weapon of Choice". Take a break from trying to achieve top rankings in the v7ndotcom elursrebmem contest and watch. Only 3 minutes long so you can go back to "spammin and jammin" to get those top rankings in the serps soon. If I do say so myself this is the coolest contest post yet.
Hulk says SMASHING video.
Nice job Puny Human Green Guy

Monday, February 20, 2006

V7n interview

Well the v7ndotcom elursrebmem contest is officially the largest SEO contest ever. Something John Scott (whom I still am on the fence on) did not expect. I'm sure he hoped for it but never expected it. Funniest thing that I saw in this interview was that V7N means absolutly nothing. I am suprised to find out that Google weighs the domain name fairly heavily. It sort of makes sense that they do it. Of course it figures into the algo but who thought it did so much. Its important when you start a website to name the URL the keywords you want. It looks like .com .net and .org are all close to each other. Now I am just waiting for two things. Google to realize that watching-paint-dry has more links than the others. The other is that the taggle team is doing all sorts of black hat things. I'm not going to turn them in for anything I have found, and I would tell everyone to do the same if they find something. We want to see if G can find the black stuff on their own. I am supporting the Hulk and want him to win but I also want to see where the contest goes without our interferance. Of course if someone decides to turn them in then I guess thats the natural progression of things.
Hulk not worried about other V-E named domains. Hulk also not worry about Puny Human Taggle Team or other V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Black Hat SEO's.
Hulk has only begun to start SMASHING!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Day in an FA-18

Not much happening in the contest. Not much movement at all. Finally seoforblogs dropped out of the top on Yahoo. The charity site is number 3,4, or 5 depending on when you look but other domains have broken into the top, like the black hat taggle group. They are only using black hat non Google TOS stuff. So far they are doing good. Since not much is happening I thought I would post a video that I love.

I know the Big Green Guy has special place in his heart for the boys in blue. My brother-in-law is a Marine aviator (I still want a pair of digi's). He is still in training but will hopefully be flying FA-18's off of carriers within a few months. His family is very proud of him and his accomplishments so far. So C.J. this is for you man, good luck. (I finally found an video of an F/A-18)

One more, one heck of an E-Ticket ride.

Friday, January 20, 2006

V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Day 5

Okay its looking up for day 5. The sites have been moving aroaund again and watching-paint-dry is number to in Google Hulk like number 2, not word to and # 1 in Yahoo the v7ndotcom term. My other blog has moved down a lot, but thats neither here noor there. I was getting decent adsense from it though. MSN is showing its usual uselessness by serving up some really pointless sites. Watching-paint-dry is no where in the top 50. What the heck is that about? In fact most of the top 4 in google are not in the top ten at MSN. Yeah MSN is going to rock out on the search stuff. (Anyone notice Bill missed his 2005 deadline for getting rid of spam, but I digress.)

Anyway the .net site is at the top in Google now, though I am not sure why. Its filled with tables and, while not having bad code, it does not have real clean code. I guess it goes to show that at least in the beginning, Google doesn't get everything right. That is assuming you think they get everything right later which is a really fan-boy thought to have in the first place. If you think this I am sure the Hulk will be your Betty Ford councilor and straighten you out. Again I digress.

It does appear that Google is starting to slow down and even out its index. I still expect fluctuations but I think it will be much slower in coming and not occur a couple times a day. Currently there are about 247,000 site indexed. This is a big jump from the last contest, which ended with something around 211,000 sites. I will make a bet with the hulk that we hit 500,000 sites by the end.Hulk says when it passes 500,000 by the end of January, Puny Human Green Guy send him a PR7 link

Oh by the way check out these ads showing when you do the search v7ndotcom elursrebmem. The cat one is incredibly funny. I have no idea why he is spending money but its worth a click to see, trust me.Hulk agree with Puny Human Green Guy - that is pretty funny