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Friday, January 20, 2006

V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Day 5

Okay its looking up for day 5. The sites have been moving aroaund again and watching-paint-dry is number to in Google Hulk like number 2, not word to and # 1 in Yahoo the v7ndotcom term. My other blog has moved down a lot, but thats neither here noor there. I was getting decent adsense from it though. MSN is showing its usual uselessness by serving up some really pointless sites. Watching-paint-dry is no where in the top 50. What the heck is that about? In fact most of the top 4 in google are not in the top ten at MSN. Yeah MSN is going to rock out on the search stuff. (Anyone notice Bill missed his 2005 deadline for getting rid of spam, but I digress.)

Anyway the .net site is at the top in Google now, though I am not sure why. Its filled with tables and, while not having bad code, it does not have real clean code. I guess it goes to show that at least in the beginning, Google doesn't get everything right. That is assuming you think they get everything right later which is a really fan-boy thought to have in the first place. If you think this I am sure the Hulk will be your Betty Ford councilor and straighten you out. Again I digress.

It does appear that Google is starting to slow down and even out its index. I still expect fluctuations but I think it will be much slower in coming and not occur a couple times a day. Currently there are about 247,000 site indexed. This is a big jump from the last contest, which ended with something around 211,000 sites. I will make a bet with the hulk that we hit 500,000 sites by the end.Hulk says when it passes 500,000 by the end of January, Puny Human Green Guy send him a PR7 link

Oh by the way check out these ads showing when you do the search v7ndotcom elursrebmem. The cat one is incredibly funny. I have no idea why he is spending money but its worth a click to see, trust me.Hulk agree with Puny Human Green Guy - that is pretty funny


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