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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Google is Indexing

Day Three

This morning a suprise happened. Google actually is indexing the keyword. V7ndotcomelursrebmem.net is in number one and our Charity site is number 2. V7ndotcomelursrebmem.org is in third. A quick check of backlinks shows that none have any back links. This is most likely because of google don't show you until we feel like it policy. All appear to have been indexed yestrday. A side by side of the keyword density looks like this: (.net top, charity middle, .org bottom)

This shows me that even though the V7ndotcom elursrebmem charity has less keywords on page and is following a white hat best practice of the amount of keywords on a page it still is ranking well. Most likely because of incoming links we are not seeing yet.

A quick look at Yahoo and MSN shows that the .net site has 8 backlinks in MSN and 2 in Yahoo. The Celiac Disease charity site is showing 2 back links in MSN and 25 in Yahoo. Last but not least the .org site has 2 in yahoo showing nothing in MSN. It looks to me like so far the Charity site is ahead in links even though I know 1 of those links in Yahoo is a nofollow. I am proud to say that my sister blog, www.seoforblogs.blogspot.com is giving the charity site 2 indexed back links from Yahoo (which should turn into Google backlinks, it shows up everywhere else.)

Now I want to venture a guess what pushed google to index these sites. I think everyone who bought an adwords placement for the keywords helped. Google can't really call itself ethical and only show ads. At first most of the results were from the Google Base. Which tells me that after people bought the ads Google scrambled to find something, anything, to display. The easiest place was its own database. After they got some lstings up it was only a matter of time until the found truly unique websites. (Insert Sarcasm) It only took 2 days for Google to get on the ball with it.


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